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 Fluffy Slime Maker 1.0

Following the slime making trend download this creative learning game and learn how to make slime through the slime maker! Then you can make and play with your personalized made diy jelly slime! These DIY games will help you make fun slime at home and utilize your time doing something creative! This DIY jelly toy game includes all the diy slime ingredients and the slime maker to make things easier!

The slime maker can make slime in three different way! This game will guide you on how to make slime in those three ways through the slime maker to make the perfect DIY jelly! Then when you’ve made slime from jelly in the game you can also play with it in the game. Oh, what play fun! Like never before! The game has easy instructions to guide you on how to make slime and how to play the game!

This game serves the purpose of education through learning games platform so that children always have something of an activity to do instead of wasting time! This addictive game is best to keep your DIY jelly satisfaction intact! The best pleasure and creative games for kids will be found here! Follow the game guide and learn different ways to make slime through the slime maker!

The basic ingredients used to make slime are glue, water and starch! This makes the basic ingredients which are used and needed to make slime and DIY jelly! More squishy slimy versions of slime use these same ingredients with glue, water and starch but with an addition of toothpaste and shaving foam! These ingredients help the slime to become more soft, more stretchable and more slimy unlike the basic slime.

Using these methods, you can make the best DIY jelly and slime ever!
Here in this diy jelly and slime making game we will learn how to make slime in three different kinds in sperate ways! First, we will learn and use the slime maker to make the basic slime! Then with toothpaste and lastly with shaving foam! So, download these learning games and let the educational adventure begin and make and play slime for a creative play fun!

The game goes step by step from starting game to selecting game play scene then completing the level requirement and then moving forward!

To make the first kind of basic slime these are the ingredients needed:
- Glue
- Starch
- Water
- Color
- Glitter as a decoration
To make the second kind of slime the slime making ingredients are:
- Glue
- Starch
- Water
- Color
- Shaving foam
- Again, if you wish to add glitter for decoration, your choice
The ingredients for the third slime are:
- Glue
- Starch
- Water
- Color
- Toothpaste
- Glitter or beads for decorating (optional)

These extra ingredients help the slime to have a more of a jelly feeling than before.
Now comes the process on how to make slime using the ingredients! While making each slime, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Once the mixture is mixed and diluted properly let it rest for a while! Then place the slime making mixture on a flat surface to roll it! Then you can add different shapes to it! And at the end enjoy your DIY slime and play with it, squish it!!!

°°°° HOW TO PLAY Fluffy Slime Maker PLAY FUN:
o Begin the game
o Select the slime making scene
o Choose the slime making level
o Add all the ingredients shown on screen in bowl
o Use hand indicators on screen to add them in bowl
o Using on screen mixture, mix all the ingredients together
o After mixing in slime maker give it shapes using given shapes
o Cut in shapes
o Slime of DIY jelly is ready now you can play with it
o Using same method make all kinds of slime!

o Slime making simulation
o Hand hint tutorials on how to play
o Different kinds of ingredients
o Detailed game play
o Fun graphics and sounds
o Different shapes to mold the slime

Let’s learn how to make slime and the DIY slime in the slime maker and then make and play to add to our learning games education experience!

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