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 Expand Team 2 (Crowded City) 1.0

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Student at school Student group gathering on demand, student gathering in the streets, outdoor school workplaces and crowded school game in the streets, student and man gathering game, man gathering game in the city, free download and start playing, Girl games boys games. In the city, at school, on the streets, you want to become a large group of tribes and show your judgment to your fellow rivals. Hurry to attack the smaller number of rival groups and take them under your protection. This is the battle of gathering fellow and students to become a group. Expand your apartment by gathering students and guys from a major school and city streets and streets and grab the chance to be the first in the game. Expand your circle to show that you're a big band at school in the city. The most crowded group of students, the most crowded group of men. Gather courting the hordes of heroes of the tribe. wander through the streets in the city center with the crowd you gather. make a body show. Gather your own soldiers and protect each student and teacher who moves on the streets in workplaces in schools. This battle to be crowded will allow you to play an exciting game with adventures ... Play Free Download Now. Free Games.

Your priority is to move quickly and attack the rival groups that are less than you and take your circle to your protection. become a large group of tribes in classes, schools, workplaces, in the city and on the streets. All you have to do is just be fast and get to move wisely. Join all the groups and students who are moving to gather the tribal troops. Crowded tribal battle at the metropolitan school A big task challenge awaits you in this new simulator game. You just have to start with an army of men and start capturing the crowd and adding them to your own convoy to fight against the opposing enemies.

Choose your school and start by picking up your citizens and soldiers and adding them to the tribal troops team and choosing your location to start fighting with the other rival battle team. Compete with them to add them to your tribe, or if you can't compete, they will draw all your soldiers to their ranks. You lose. and you fail. Let's download now for free. Girl games, Boy games. Free games,

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