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 Drop It : Smash Hit Games 2.0

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Can you smash everything? This Crushing game Teaches you how to drop and smash the things and also damage the things and break it.

You will find many objects. select your drop position where you can easily hit on objects, target the position and break the things.

In this smash hit game, you will find objects like, Dustbin, bench, monitor, oven, flower vase, Table etc. Throw the ball towards them, Break it, smash hit , damage the objects, crush the objects and earn coins.

the concept of this game is really cool the smashing is satisfying and it’s so cool how far up you can get your lift.

This Crushing game is The most fun and simple game in the world!

Clear the level by Dropping over Object and destroying them!

Are you ready to Drop the ball and smash and destroy things? Meet the exciting break through that makes you a master of the breaking things. Fasten your target selection because it's time to drop, tumble, bash and crash into the world of Object Smash.

The goal of Drop It : Smash Games is to make the objects destroy! You do this by aiming your ball and firing it at the perfect position of the objects.

Objects will be placed on the floor, and ball on the top will be continue moving from right to left and left to right vice versa. When you strike the objects and ball position, drop the ball, and destroy thr things! Collect the coins which will further help you to adjust the height in the game.

However, Drop it isn't just about the breaking things… In order to destroy them, you're going to have to traverse and master different obstacles and challenges. To do this, you're going to need to practice your aiming, put on your puzzle solving hat, and get rolling.

Ball will move and Objects will on the floor ! The power is in your hands. Are smart enough, fast enough, and drop-dead cool enough to master the destroying things? Find out now and get smashing!

Enjoy ultra-realistic falling ball and objects ensure that you'll always be able to play without frustration. All the objects precisely how they do in real life, and they don't only fall realistically, they look beautiful doing it! As you improve, you'll unlock even more backgrounds and stunning balls to drop - think crazy colors, beautiful scenes, and unreal destroy action!

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