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 Dragon Numbers 2.6.0

Little Dragon, it is new numbers based logic game. You can play with your friends or online random players. Having logical decision will save your dragon in the game.

Game heroes Xeon, Leps, Knight compete for the title of “Best fire breathing Dragon”, and help them to solve their fighting dispute.

Our game mostly similar to popular board games, checkers, chess, sudoku and others. And on the development of this game, we have inspired by these games and this resulted in a new board game which improves your logical thinking.

Game rules are very simple:
In the start, the board is filled with random numbers. In every turn, only one row or column will be active to choose a number. First player has to select any one number from active row or column, and after that, the turn goes to the second player, and active numbers direction changes accordingly.
The goal is to earn high score than your opponent and not to allow the opponent to get big numbers from active cells. The game ends when numbers are not left on the board. The one with the highest score wins the game.

In order to be expert on the game, do practice your logical thinking by playing with friends and random players more often. This game is one of the best entertaining, educational, brain teaser and free to play puzzle game.

The game is so easy to play not only for adults, but also for children. This game is not just for puzzle fans, but also good for kids of any age.

Download the game now, play this amazing puzzle game and improve your mathematical logic skills, and then you will see yourself as champion in mental arithmetic. Compete with your friends to see who can achieve the best result on the leaderboards.

**Game Features**
• Beautiful and user friendly graphics
• Online Multiplayer and offline mode
• Amazing animated little dragons
• Good for your mind and intuition
• Easy to follow Interface and flowing animations
• New brain teaser
• Improves your mental skills to the next levels

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