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 Cube Lion Survival Simulator Free 1.0

Be a pixel lion – king of the cubical wilderness! Explore pixel savanna full of dangers, feel like a real (but pixel and funny) predator hunting his prey to get meal and battle against other pixel desert predators! Feel as a real apex pixel predator with this animal survival simulator in 3D!
Are your ready to start a survival adventure as a cute pixel lion? Run fast and hunt as many animals as possible! Be the biggest wild cat of the pixel world and Chase down small savanna animals to made them your next meal! Do your best to survive on this huge, cruel and wild world, full of dangers and predators ready to attack! Do you like animal games? Try Cube Lion Survival Simulator - great app for all animal simulator lovers!
Battle against other predators and watch out not to be killed - show them your power instead! Explore this cute cubical world as a cube lion, but don’t relax - it might be even more unpredictable than you can imagine! Survive as long as you can, chase your prey mercilessly, fight with other lions or make them part of your pride! Mate with females and breed cubs! Earn experience and level up your lion! Buy power-ups and customize your lion as you want!
What is it like to be a huge wild cat exploring savanna, hunting and chasing its prey? Get to know with Cube Lion Survival Simulator in 3D! Try this ultimate lion simulator and feel like a powerful predator – the real king of pixel savanna! Let’s start a hunt – and let no one to run out of your chase!
Cube Lion Survival Simulator features:
Unusual pixel environment
Cute cubical animals as your prey and enemies
Communicate with other lions - mate with them, made them part of your pack or battle them to protect your hunting ground
Raise up your lion’s skill by earning experience points
Buy power-ups at the store - it would help you to survive
Fight against other animals, make a pride, breed cubs, hunt to survive and live the wild life Cube Lion Survival Simulator in 3D! Hunt, chase and kill to upgrade your survival skills and prove your worth as the most powerful predator – the king of pixel savanna!

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