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 Cops And Robbers Fight 1.1

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Inspired by all the different mods in a popular blocky graphics game, Cops and Robbers - No Escape from Jail is born. Is your prison cell big enough for you as a thief or are you going to fight other prisoners and cops? Or do you prefer to be the law and order officer and enforce the peace in this prison?

This police and robbers 3D multiplayer mini game is placed in a few penal institutions and you can't escape from any of them. And you will not have the time to think about running away, since you will have to fight off the attacks of other convicts, officers and prison guards. In the end you don't know if criminals are locked up with guards and cops or is it the other way around.

In this first person shooter you have to choose your character. You can pick from many different skins (cops, criminals, prison guards,...), choose your favorite jail and fight your opponents. Can you get the best score in one match? Or are you good enough to be on the all-time best leaderboard.

You can choose from three different types of gameplay.
One of them is the single player Training, where you are constantly attacked by your enemies - bad guards and other inmates. Try to survive for as long as you can and get the achievement and climb the rankings.

In the Multiplayer mode you can choose from two gameplays. Deathmatch where every man is for himself and Team match, where you can get you clan together again and prove to your enemies that you are not a joke.

Collect as much gold as you can and upgrade your weapon so that you are even stronger against other police officers and thieves.

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