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 Bubble Shooter Candy Blast 2

Bubble Shooter : Candy Blast is an outstanding casual game for any kind of person of every age. Everyone can attain thrill while playing such an amazing Bubble Shooter game. Bubble Shooter candy blast is made to be responsive and supportable to any kind of android version on mobile phones. Bubble Shooter candy blast attracts due to its tremendous graphic design and the effects used in this game is remarkable. Keeping this fact in mind they limited the life chances in games after failing 4 time in any of the level you cannot continue the game because the lives reaches to its limit and only you can play again after sharing on face book or waiting for some time so that the lives will be available after some time.
Normal adventure with missions of different levels is very simple and easy. Beginners can easily play this type of adventure while the advance adventure is comparatively very tough as compared to normal adventure and the expert players are capable of playing this level.

Some of the levels in Bubble Shooter candy blast has black bubbles and you can change the color of these bubbles after throwing bubbles on them. When any of the bubble strikes to the black bubble the bubble change its color. It’s an amazing state or game deign that bubble shooter introduce like such playing a blind game. You don’t know while playing such type of level that whether you are launching your bubble having the same color or not. Just you can see the color after the bubble strikes or using power ups.

Bubble Shooter candy blast is periodically updated, adding new "missions" and more playable levels. There are almost five levels in 1 mission the features that are comprised in this game makes the game different more elegant and attractive for game amusers. The screen of the game consists of a grid of cells, filled with rows of colored candys . The color scheme of the candy varies depending on the complexity of the game. The route of the ball shot changes by moving the cursor. The player sees the current and next candy for a shot. The more balls destroyed in one shot, the more points scored. The main objective is to destroy all the bubbles. To achieve this goal, a player can apply different strategies:

• Collapse - find existing chains of 3 or more bubbles
• Cause slides - manage to pop enough bubbles as to cut off an entire section – causing all of
the bubbles inferior to pop as well.
• Collect new chains of balls.
• Sort out bubbles by colors and shooting them at different angles to quickly create a desired combination.

There is also a timer which drop downs the ceiling by 3 seconds if you play faster and complete all the levels of the mission incredibly fast then in result you will earn more coins. There is a red or dead line and the bubble when reaches to the line and in result you lose your life.

You can also improve your performance by purchasing power-ups like bomb-destroys all adjacent bubbles, trace router- trace the trajectory of the bubble, extra-time-delays the ceiling drops by 3 seconds, change black-change the color of black bubbles into color full bubbles using your earned coins during playing game. In Bubble Shooter candy blast you can definitely feel and pleasure and you can definitely test your skills. You feels a lot of pleasure after playing this game and it will amaze you with its tremendous theme colors, game art and its friendly graphic view. The speed of the game is remarkable the design of the game is made to be very unique so any one loved it. This game will leaves the marvellous effects on you and greeneries a history the game development and in playing games, Bubble Shooter candy blast is one of the best games you have ever played. We are fully assure that you will obviously love Bubble Shooter candy blast.

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