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 Axisball 1.1.3

Axis ball is a physics-based endless runner. Take control of a ball using 3 rings around it that you can expand at any time. Bounce around the bridge avoiding obstacles, collecting crystals, and making sure not to fall off.

Axisball was built for the purpose of providing entertainment through a simple game with a unique method of controlling the player. It contains no in-app purchases, and the ads provided by Unity are infrequent and often rewarded.

Axisball is built with the Unity engine and an interface with the haptic engine of your iPhone, allowing quick and accurate physics simulations and unique, detailed vibrations so you can feel the weight behind every collision. The vibrations are generated by the haptic engine inside any iPhone 7+ device, and the unique Axisball vibrations can be generated on any device running iOS 13.0+.

- Physics-based gameplay
- Advanced haptic feedback
- 28 unlockable skins
- Rewarded advertisements


- Control the ball by expanding the colored rings around it. Press the button with the color corresponding to a specific ring to make it quickly expand. Hold the button longer for a more powerful bounce.

- Stay on the bridge as long as you can to build up your distance.

- Bounce as high as you can to build up your bounce bonus. At the end of a chain of bounces, your airtime is multiplied by the number of bounces, and the total is added to your score.

- Your total score is the sum of your distance and bounce bonus. Make sure to build them both up for the maximum score.

- Unlock skins by improving your bounce bonus, distance, total score, and by collecting crystals.

Thank you for playing Axisball. Ratings and reviews are much appreciated.

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    14. 5. 2020

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