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 Auto Puppet Programming Battle 1.1.0

Program the puppets and defeat the enemies!
Puppets don't do any actions that you don't program.
Program your puppets as you want, and beat the various strong enemies!
Programming experience / knowledge is completely unnecessary!

◆ Game
A puppets moves forward if you program "move forward".
A puppet attacks if you program "attack".
A puppet does not "attack from weak enemies" automatically.
A puppet will do nothing unless you program.
This is Auto Puppet that is a game to play with your intelligence!

There will be times to attack unintended enemies, pass enemies accidentally and build incorrect programs.
However, it is also one of the fun of Auto Puppet.
Through trial and error, you will be very happy when you can make a program as you intended

Auto Puppet is an fair world.
There is no rule that you can not pass stages unless you level up a character in this game.
Levels of enemies and allies are the same from the beginning.
The time spent and money do not make a difference to Auto Puppet.
All you need is your intelligence.
Through this game, learn programming way of thinking as well!

◆ Recommended people
· People who are not good at action games
· People who like puzzles and strategy games
· People who are interested in programming

◆ How to play
1 Make programs for each puppet
2 Select which program to apply to each puppet
3 Run (Fight)
4 Victory (Draw is same as Defeat)

◆ To children
Maybe there are some difficult expressions, so if you have something you do not understand, ask your father, mum, grandpa, grandma, or older one. They will surely help you.

◆ Programming
· If, Switch statement
· Lists and Filters
· loop

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