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 Army Subwater Submarine Simulator 1.0

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Explore the fantastic sea water controlling special treasure seeking ship – a bathyscaphe! Dive into the oceanic depths with the only one mission: find as much treasures like gold coin, silver, jewel and gems as it even possible! Fight with dangerous sea monsters on your way and just have fun playing Army Subwater Submarine Simulator!
Unhook from the huge yacht base and swim down the sea! Drive your bathyscaphe carefully and accurate to prevent crashes, watch for the pressure and the level of your oxygen and don’t forget about your rivals! Every cruel predator of these depths is ready to kill you and destroy your ship at the right moment of seeing! Avoid these terrible meetings, speed your bathyscaphe up and find the treasure chest!
Control the burden of your little submarine to learn how many treasures it can take out! Earn points for successfully done missions and upgrade your bathyscaphe! Power up such important characteristics as acceleration, diving, maximum depth, speed, structure and many others to become really dexterous, fast and dangerous for your ocean rivals! Check our new Army Subwater Submarine Simulator game and have fun!
Customize your submarine choosing different colors! Discover what you can find at the sea bottom, hook it up and become really reach captain! Explore the ocean improving your skills in that unusual way!
Army Subwater Submarine Simulator features:
• Ultimate underwater bathyscaphe simulator
• Wide range of fantastic treasures and chests
• Interesting power-ups for your submarine
• Amazing 3D graphics
Start your underwater adventure with Army Subwater Submarine Simulator! Find all the treasures of the ocean depths and have fun!

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