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 Adventures of Karna 2.0

Adventures of Karna by UNAR Labs, is a series of free and fully accessible trivia game that is inclusively designed to support both sighted and visually-impaired users.

The app harnesses the power of Midlina - an AI-based platform, which is the core product of UNAR Labs. Midlina enables multimodal access to otherwise visual information on digital media and makes it accessible to users with visual impairments.
This version of our app, i.e., Episode-1, is a research effort from UNAR Labs to understand how multisensory cues can be used to provide graphical access to people with visual-impairments. Optimized for use with VoiceOver, the app enables visually-impaired users to feel and hear the visual/graphical images (e.g., paths and locations on a map) through a combination of haptics (touch), audio, and kinesthesis.
As our research progresses, Midlina will constantly evolve, and we will be adding more features to this app. We will also be releasing new applications powered by Midlina, for enabling equal access in education, for navigation, to enhance productivity, and for fun.

Visit http://unarlabs.com to learn about our other products.

UNAR Labs is a startup with a vision to create accessible digital information without sensory bounds. Our mission is to empower visually-impaired people by providing equal information access to all types of digital media using smartphones and tablets. While we have passion, we have limited resources to make our vision come true. If you like our products and believe in our vision, you can help us in three ways:
1) Join us in our journey. Use this form to give us suggestions about our products and tell us more about what inaccessible information you would most like to access. Your input is critical and this feedback helps guide our future development projects.
2) Tell your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances about your experience with our products and encourage them to try them out!
3) Invest $ in us, so we can continue to create more awesome products and close the information access gap between sighted and visually-impaired users.

Questions, feedback, or feature requests, Email us at unarlabs@gmail.com

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