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 ABC 123 Feed The Frogs 1.0

Along the lakeside, there are 4 little hungry frogs waiting for some mosquitoes fly by and they are waiting for your command to catch as many mosquitoes as they can! Within the basic 10 seconds, help these 4 little frogs to catch more flies to eat. 10 seconds is not enough? Don’t worry, you may be rewarded by getting extra time or scores if you can catch numerous flies within 1 click. Let’s explore together! The game will pronounce the alphabets or number in English when you catch the corresponding items; thus, catch more, learn more!
How to
- Alphabet mode: Alphabets will be attached on the flies
- Number mode: Numbers will be attached on the flies
- Catch as many flies as you can within the basic 10 seconds
- 2 hits: +5 seconds, 3 hits: +1000 scores, 4 hits: ... Try to find out by yourself~
- May accidentally engage with a slow motion gameplay that can help you catch more flies
- For beginners, you can read after the pronunciation and practice more
- For veterans, test yourself by muting the game and read it all one-by-one while catching - Can check the previous records after each gameplay
- 2 different game modes: Alphabet and Number
- Train the reactions and coordination of the brain, hand and eyes - Learn English alphabets and numbers in an interesting way
- Accurate pronunciations of words by foreigner
- No special skills or techniques are required
- 10 seconds fast and simple gameplay
- Easy, cute and colourful user interface
We usually used to learn everything in Cantonese at school, and hence it is a bit time- consuming when we learn English. Yet, this game provides an opportunity for kids to get in touch with bilingual usage earlier. After playing several times, your kids should be able to pronounce these alphabets and numbers in English accurately.

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