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 Tizer Crypto Wallet 1.32

Tizer – a secure and transparent Bitcoin Wallet. Tizer is the most convenient way to transfer cryptocurrencies to your contact list. Currently, we support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. A cryptocurrency wallet combines the freedom of cryptocurrencies and the security and usability of fintech. Advanced banking-level financial technologies - right in your smartphone. We’ve created a secure and transparent app in order so that you can enjoy using BTC, ETH, BCH all over the world. The Tizer app is just what you need to enter the market and stay interested in it. No awkward copying and pasting of the wallet number - if you want to send a couple of Satoshi to your friend, you can do so by selecting a contact from your contact list. That’s one of our differences from the other crypto wallet apps.

• A multi-cryptocurrency wallet
• Buy, store, exchange, and transfer Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. You no longer need separate BTC, ETH and BCH wallets
• Full ERC20 tokens support in Ethereum network
• Create multiple wallets and manage them in-app
• We run a full node to provide a stable and reliable product.
• Extremely fast transfers and transaction sync thanks to own nodes
• Bitcoin transactions to Segwit of legacy addresses
• We adjust blockchain algorithms and use just ones that help us lower fees.

• No need to keep private keys, or complicated mnemonics.
• Use your contacts or any mobile number to transfer cryptocurrency—easy and fast!
• Don't worry about all those alphanumeric digits and accidental transactions!
• A unified dashboard: view your cryptocurrencies in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.
• Clear and easy-to-read history. You can now see what you have paid for. You will be the first to know that you received a payment from a friend without matching the wallet address.
• Real-time push-notifications. All incoming/outgoing transactions and exchanges shown in a clear and friendly way.
• Hide your private wallet from prying eyes
• Portfolio section shows the list of your assets, showcase and trending tokens
• Fast cryptocurrency transfer via Telegram chat
• Excellent UI

• Buy Bitcoins with your bank card in 5 minutes. It's as easy as online shopping.
• Simplified and extended verification
• In-app Exchange: instantly and easily exchange BTC-ETH-BCH and vise-versa

• Tizer Crypto Wallet is absolutely free. We have no commission charges. None.

• Banking-level security and reliability
• Keep your balance completely secure.
• Security checked by Cycura
• Don't worry about losing your Private key anymore! Tizer provides optimal security for cryptocurrency asset management.
• Protect your account with a passcode and Touch / Face ID

We’re here to help! Contact our user success team via email support@tizer.io or social media, available 24/7.

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