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 Game of Finance 2.1

Knowledge Is Power. Get Benefit With Your Financial Knowledge!
The Best Quiz Game For Financial Market! Learn About The Most Common Trading Terminology!

What is Game of Finance?

It is a game designed for those of you who are:
beginners in the financial markets and want to learn trading;
investors who want to make money on the World Financial Market;
enthusiasts who want to feel the heat of trading!

By playing Game of Finance, you can:
Get the essence from hundreds of financial books and webinars all distilled for the purpose of fast and practical learning;
Play and learn the most valuable Trading Terminology in modern finance;
Learn the secrets of how the Pros predict the currency movements in the market.

The Financial market comes with its very own set of terms and jargon. So, before you go any deeper into learning how to trade, it is important to understand the basic financial terminology that you will face on your trading journey.

Reading books, watching webinars or videos takes time and is rather boring. That's why we made it as a game!

Game of Finance is made up of:

It is the starting point:
• Teaching the principles & secrets of currency trading;
• Beautifully illustrated & easy to read;
• Enhance your knowledge about the financial Markets;
• Suited also for forex beginners & dummies;
• Enriching your knowledge with the explanations.

It inspires and motivates giving you the chance to earn game money:
• with Simple quiz you can spend time and think about the answer;
• with Time quiz you must answer the questions within seconds and earn game money with correct answer;
• With Hard quiz there is no multiple option to choose there is shuffled characters to answer them.

It tests your knowledge about the financial markets and makes you learn by playing a game:
• Deepen your knowledge with the explanations;
• Earn game money with every correct answer;
• More than thousand questions in various levels;
• Inspires, encourages and motivates.

Learn about the most common currency exchange, stock and options trading terminology! Day-trading terminology that every trader must understand and not only. Learn about definition of different trading strategies like Bull Market meaning, Bear Market meaning, Swing Trading meaning, After Hours trading meaning, High Frequency Trading meaning, leading economic indicators and their meaning, Crossed Market Definition, Divergence Definition, Market Capitalization meaning,different Market Trends and their meaning, Support level meaning, Resistance Level meaning, Price Target meaning, Pattern Day Trader Definition,

Game Of Finance is perfect for beginners - the fun-having and risk-free way to learn and increase your knowledge about the financial markets!

Download the Game of Finance App, engage with fun in this addictive game, learn and improve your chances of success by up to 71%!

Have Fun And Earn Game Money With Your Correct Answer!

What are you waiting for?
Do not miss out!

Rate us! Your feedback is important for us and it helps us make Game of Finance even better.

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