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 Candlestick Charting 7.0

This App, Candlestick Charting integrated with Technical Analysis, gives you the tools you need to help you become a successful trader. It provides the following benefits to help you in your trading plan:

* Candlestick Patterns - Detects more than 70 of the most widely recognizable candlestick patterns providing key patterns for trend reversals.
* Supports Equities, Commodities and FOREX.
* Screens - Stock Screener which integrates many highly respected technical indicators with time-tested candlestick patterns so you have a definite edge in your search for good quality stocks.
* Signal Systems - Incorporates both Directional System and Momentum System, both implemented based on the famous technician Welles Wilder's and his book Trading Systems.
* Trending Indicators - Detects strong trending stocks and helps traders profit by taking chunks out of the middle of important trends (ADX)
* Directional Indicators - Detects when buying overtakes selling and the tide has changed course (ADX, +-DI)
* Stop and Reverse Indicators - Detects trend reversals (PSAR, Volatility Stops)
* Momentum Indicators - Detect overbought and oversold levels of a stock (Slow Stochastics)
* Volume Indicators - Detects the force behind these moves (Volume, Intraday Intensity)
* Moving Average Indicators - Helps traders understand key support/resistance levels (MA, EMA, Bollinger Bands, ATR Bands)

Setup a watch list of your favorite trading stocks. Monitor these stocks as this App automatically detects new patterns and signals. See patterns as they develop throughout the day real-time, used either as confirmation of a previous day's pattern or as a key to spotting a new patterns develop.

These patterns tightly integrated with some of the most highly respected technical indicators, provides the tools you need to help you spot trend reversals quickly and easily, focusing your attention on "high probability" market signals.

The visual display of bearish and bullish sentiment will help you towards understanding the emotional dynamic, to help gain insight into whether the trend will reverse or continue, with the ultimate goal of earning a higher rate of return on your investments.

Buy/selling securities is inherit with risk and you assume all responsibilities associated with this risk. The information drawn and analysis provided is believed to be reliable but in no way is guaranteed. You assume all risk associated with using the data provided herein and in no way can the developer of this App assume any liability.

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