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 Piste et Trésor 3.8.1

Looking for adventure? Want to discover unique places?

With « Piste et Trésor » in your hands, go on a family walk and explore the wonders that surround you (town, castle, museum, park, garden, forest)

« Piste et Trésor » it’s:
- Exciting fun visits
- Adventures in which you're the hero
- Innovative guided tours (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality)
- Original investigation to break the routine and escape from everyday life
- Enigmas and mysteries that bring you back in time, send you in the future or in parallel worlds (myths and legends)
- scavenger hunts ... to lead on the spot!

With « Piste et Trésor », discover natural or cultural places by playing: image recognition, augmented reality, virtual reality, puzzle, multiple choices, timed steps, image to scratch, carve, connect the dots, memory, etc.
Visiting becomes child's play, for young and old people! GO PLAY OUTSIDE!

« Piste et Trésor » is the collection of fun and educational mobile applications developed by Furet Company.
We are constantly creating new path to satisfy your inspector's soul looking for new plots.
- By accepting the push mode, you will be informed of the new itineraries that have been added online (no intrusive advertising).
- By following us on social media, you will be the first to have clues about the hectic adventures (scouting sites, backstage, new play mechanisms, etc.) ... to have a head start on to organize you next family visit !

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