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 Freddy - Play, Tour, Learn 1.1.26

Freddy the travel game makes visiting a city interactive, fun and entertaining.

We believe that everybody with knowledge about a certain place in the world should be able to share this knowledge and earn from it. Anyone can earn with something they have to spare, in this case it’s knowledge. We offer a new way of sharing and receiving place information. Walk, tour and catch the treasures around you!

Let’s say you decided to book a travel tour on the day of your arrival to a new city but:

You flight was late

It is raining

You are exhausted after the long flight

You will have to rush to do the tour otherwise you will lose the money of the ticket

You really want to do this tour but just not today and you definitely don’t want to walk around in a huge group with people you don’t know, listening to something

With Freddy you simply open the map and start exploring what is around you.

As you walk you see a lot of points of interests around you, and if you click on them you’ll learn about their hidden stories, depending on the category of information you are interested in: such as history, music, mystery, art, animals and more…

But that’s not all.

When you are walking you will see treasure chests along the way, and if you walk over them, you’ll unlock treasures to be caught.
The treasures will give you points and the more treasures you’ll catch, the higher will be your score!

Treasures often contain real prizes that you can win, from phones to amazing travel vouchers and more amazing stuff. The more you play and discover, the higher your score and the higher the chances for you to unlock exclusive prizes, only available to users with a certain score.

Every week we’ll hide treasures around the world, and we’ll feature the winners in our app and website, along with their score!

But if you are one of those that don’t like to wonder around and just want to follow a route of a guide, but at your own pace and time, you can simply book one of our self guided tours in augmented reality and voilá, happy exploring!

For those that want to have fun while they visit a place, whether that is a new place or the city you were born in, play Freddy, the travel game!

Here’s a list of all the things you can do with Freddy:

-Where Do You Want To Go?
Choose The Country And City Of Your Tour And Find Exciting Things To Do With Freddy.

-Book Your Tour And Be On Your Way!
Go On Tours Made By Fellow Travellers And Learn More About A Place By Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Local, Expat Or Fellow Visitor. 

-Comment, Like & Share!
Share The Most Beautiful Spots Of The World On Your Very Own Freddy Profile. Comment, Like And Share Them With Your Friends And Fellow Travellers Around The World. 

-Find Chests All Over The World And Discover What's Inside!
Warning: Every Now And Then We Hide Real Treasures Around The World. So If You Fancy Free Tickets To Concerts, Movie Premieres Or City Trips... Always Keep An Eye On The App & Our Social Channels   ...

-Freddy Will Lead The Way!
Follow Freddy To Get To Each And Every Destination On Your Tour. Be A Rebel & Take D-Tours To Catch Treasures, Freddy Will Lead You Back Where You Left Off. Never Get Lost Again!

-Catch Freddy And Unlock The Information
When You Arrive At One Of Your Tour Destinations, The Camera Function On Your Phone Will Open. Look For Freddy, Trow Him A Ball And Discover Something New About The Place You're Visiting.

What are you waiting for?

Travel Play Learn Repeat

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