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Are you tired of the same boring must-see places that are always overcrowded? Do you feel like there is more to experience in a city than tourist attractions and rip-off restaurants? If you go on the Internet, 99% of the things are standard tourist options… paired with stuff everyone knows already.

But imagine how amazing your trip could be, if you would have known, that there’s this hidden lemon-tree backyard coffee, the Thursday evening Carpark party-event or the surf spot on a local beach just outside the city. Or this tucked away gem you can only reach by finding a trail entrance, or this one dinner place where the owner makes all his guests feel like one big group having a blast...

Flunky is a free AI travel assistant for people who want to go beyond the touristy stuff but are tired of spending hours on research. Based on your interests, duration of stay etc. it will create a personalized itinerary, off the beaten track. With Flunky you can throw away your travel guides and skip searching the internet for hours.

You just have a quick chat with our AI and it will create an itinerary for your next trip. Right now, Flunky can replace your travel guide for:
- Berlin
- Hong Kong
- Tbilisi
- Cape Town

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Talk to us... please :)
We are at an early stage and want to find out what you really need and how we can develop the app further. Use the feedback option within the app, contact us via Instagram or just send a mail to hey@flunky-app.com and let us know what you think and what your ideas are!

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