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DAPP RIDES is an app developed by people who care for drivers and riders, and who are not interested in exploiting them to make billions of dollars that few CEOs and investors share among themselves.

To protect professional drivers and help them keep their earnings, we do not take any commission off the fares.  Drivers using DAPP RIDES take 100 % of the fares they earn.

The major companies in the rideshare business keep lowering the fares without consulting drivers. These companies have been cutting fares lower and lower in order to kill competition and attract more riders to using their apps, while ignoring drivers altogether.

Rideshare drivers are working more hours to make less money. THIS.... is unfair!
To refuse being played by un-ethical rideshare companies and to make more money, drive with DAPP RIDES.

At DAPP RIDES, fares are stable and priced based on the actual cost of taxi services.

When you drive with the other apps, you are treated like a child. A lot of psychological games are used to manipulate you.  For example, when a ride request comes in, you the driver don't know where the passenger is going until you pick them up and start the trip.

At DAPP RIDES, we respect drivers and believe as independent contractors, drivers have the right to know pick up and drop off addresses before accepting a trip.  If you drive with DAPP RIDES, you know where to pick up and drop off your passenger before accepting the trip request.

Download DAPP RIDES; create a driver account; submit the required documents through the app, and start making money without being exploited.

For more information about DAPP RIDES, its features and how it collaborates and work with drivers, please watch this video:

Feel free to contact us at: contact@dapprides.com 

Like us on Facebook https://facebook.com/dapprides

Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/dapprides

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