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 Palmistry - How to read palms 1.0.0

Do you want to learn the meaning of the lines on your palms? Do you know what they mean?
They are talking to you! Reading your hands you will know everything about you, from your present to your future or past facts. Learn more about yourselves, check the lines of life, love, health, money .... your personality, spirituality. Evaluate the character and future of a person by studying the palm of his hand.

Palmistry - How to read palms is the best android app to know about this science with easy method to learn how to Read Palms. You will find a true description of the symbols on the hands, which can be learned through our app. It is already popular with those who like fortune telling. Our videos suggest you how to place a hand, what kind of lighting should you use to read most clearly.

You can know about your fortune (bhavishya) through your palm lines (hastrekha) and your birthday (rashifal). Why is important your birthday? Your horoscope sign will affect to your prediction. All the ancients and Gurus can confirm it. What are you waiting to know the destiny of a person. as well as guess the events of the past, present and future?

Palmistry (Hastrekha vigyan) is an old science to predict the future through study of palm. You just have to follow these steps to do palmistry:
1. Determine the flexibility of the hands.
2. Test results on the rigidity of the palm.
3. Have a look to the shape of the hand and the length of the fingers.
4. Use Zodiac signs and astrology to guess the future.

You can explore the different types of lines present in palm:
★ Life line.
★ Heart line.
★ Brain Line.
★ Head line.
★ Wisdom line.
★ Luck line.
★ Marriage Line.
★ Sun and apollo line

Following our begginners guide to reading palms, you can learn how all of these lines has effect on human life. Some facts like love, problems, past... are written in your hands, according to a document relics of the ancient Greeks it turns out you can see the future!

You will also find advanced lessons like:
- What does the shape of fingernail show?
- What your hands color say about your health and Fate?
- What does a triangle on your palm mean?
- How does a palm decoder work?

Use the Chiromancy like a form of fortune telling, just open the app! Our online videos are the best tutorials to easily learn the fundamentals of palmistry decoder and find out what future the lines on your palms predict. You will also learn horoscope 2019.

If you liked it, please, rate us with 5 stars. You can also send feedback and we will support your ideas.

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