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 Lates Earring Design 5.0

Accessories that almost every woman has one of them is earrings or earrings. Accessories earwigs have always been one of the characteristics or identity for a woman. From jama first until now, the design of earrings can be spelled out in line with the development of fashion.

Models and design of the earrings at this time not only round, heart, or flowers only, but it turns out many designs that can be applied to the model of earrings. Starting from the design that inspired animals, plants, symbols, even animated characters in games and movies. And these designs can certainly make the wearer look more attractive.

Want to know what kind of design unique and unique earrings kece than others? Directly, we pursue the following designs. Who does not want to look beautiful at all times. There are many factors that make a person beautiful at all times. In addition to natural factors that are already pretty there are several other factors that make a person look beautiful again.

Well, one of the factors that support one's appearance is the clothes worn, and accessories used. Accessories that look simple but add to one's beauty are earrings. Earring impressed simple and not so calculated. But it turns out the earring is very influential on the appearance of the wearer. There are many models of women earrings that are quite popular recently.

The gold earring model has many unique and interesting shapes to wear. No wonder that many women who hunt for these earrings, other than as an accessory also be one option to invest. Here are some types of popular and popular female earrings.

Earrings piercing
The first and much preferred gold earring model is the piercing model. This model has been long and entrenched in our society. With a pierced earring model, you will look simple but still elegant. The gold material in the earrings makes it shiny when exposed to light. Now, the pierced earrings are not just one eye, but there are some eyes that can stick to the earlobe and make the look more cool.

Earring Elongate
The second gold earring model is an elongated model that is favored by those who are more stocky or plump. This is because by wearing an elongated type of earrings will make the body look thinner. This type of elongated earring model also varies because it can usually be added to a variety of other jewelry such as gems, diamonds or pearls that make gold earrings elongated model becomes more glamorous. This earring is very suitable to be used in parties at night.

Hanging Earrings
The next gold pendant model is a hanging model. This one model is quite diverse because it has various shapes like circle, triangle, and square. Usually only people who have high confidence to wear large dangling earrings.

How? Approximately which model do you like? Indeed, with the addition of bead-sweet whether it is a diamond and gems will add a significant price. By wearing a beautiful gold earring model can certainly also add to our attractive appearance, especially in the eyes of the beloved couple.

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