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 Wondrous Icosahedron - magic 8 ball, random picker 1.3

Wondrous Icosahedron -- what is it? It's a white plastic twenty-sided polyhedron with raised letters on each side, floating in blue water, capable of answering your most intimate yes/no questions. Turn it over, swipe it, or hit the "next" button to reveal the next randomly generated answer. Sounds like a Magic 8 Ball ™ you say? Read on!

You can enter in your own list of phrases, too. Make a todo list, thought of the day, prize pool, whatever you like. Or do what I do -- instead of replying to a text message with tedious text or annoying emojis, make a custom reply in this app, take a screenshot, and send that! Something like, "ARE YOU NUTS, IT'S 4AM!", or "YES". That's really the killer use case if you ask me. Be sure to add some bubbles for dramatic effect.

But that's not all! It's also a die capable of handling all your dice rolling needs: D4, D6, D10, D20, all the way up to D2billion. How's that work on a twenty-sided die, you ask? MIND=BLOWN

Oh we're not done yet. There's also a selection of mini games. Okay, calling them games is a bit of a stretch, but they certainly are mini! We got your card games, here. I'm talkin' poker, blackjack, war and tarot. Sure, the tarot cards aren’t really a game, but they could be! Just use your imagination.

There's also a slot machine and rock paper scissors. I know, that last one is kinda lame but hey, anything to take your mind off that drill while waiting in the dentist's office, amirite?

Who knew a plastic polyhedron could do all that? I know, truly wondrous.

Keywords: magic 8 ball, dice, random picker

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