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 Tweak Practice English 1.0.10

A lot of us have learnt English Grammar and do know most of the Grammar rules. But when it comes to speaking in a conversation how practical is it to speak without any grammatical errors?

For mastering the skill of speaking fluently, the only hack is to practice forming sentences spontaneously, and that's exactly what we push you to do through our Tweak English Practice app.

About Tweak English Practice App:

- We have created 42 levels, with each level consisting of one kind of English Topic.
- In each level, you'll be starting off with 35 seconds and you could see a word, the target is to form a sentence which consists of that word with correct English Grammar.
- You could either type or speak your sentence.
- Once you have submitted your sentence, we will verify it though our Grammar Checker API.
- We have used the Virtual Writing Tutor API to check the grammar of your sentence. (VirtualWritingTutor.com)
- If your sentence is grammatically incorrect, you get to see what were the mistakes and continue.
- On the other hand if it's grammatically correct, you get extra time and points.

Make sure you keep practicing to increase your ability of forming English sentences spontaneously.

Why Virtual Writing Tutor?
The backbone of the application is the Grammar checker API that would determine if the sentence formed by the user is correct or not.
Virtual Writing Tutor (VirtualWritingTutor.com) ensures that all the errors are addressed and goes a step further by giving us information on what went wrong and how could the mistakes be rectified.
We have got you the best Grammar checker API out there, hope you make the most of this and keep practicing.

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