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 PRIMITIVE DASH Endless Runner 3D Game For Kids 0.1

PRIMITIVE DASH Endless Runner 3D Game For Kids is the best running game in the 2019-2020 forest. You will become addicted to this game after playing for some time.

You will play this game as a person who is lost in the jungle and you have been caught by the tribe to be sacrificed. You have to save yourself and run in order not to be a victim of the tribes.

When you run to save his life, then two tribes will run behind you to catch you anytime. You should also be an expert to avoid obstacles in front of you. You have to be agile to jump, and avoid the obstacles that are in front of you.

As you pass through the wooden train and avoid your enemies waiting at the top of the train to shoot you to sacrifice.

During a run if a gorilla prevents you to kill you, you have to tap twice instantly to kill him.

PRIMITIVE DASH Endless Runner 3D Game For Kids provides the best gaming experience and the best environment will attract you. Both the left and right sides of the best beautiful forest trees appear.
The cart with coins will give you a crush.

At each step of the game you will protect you from sacrifice. Wild humans can come from the other side of nature than you should have protected from them.

In every step of the forest, exciting new animals will give you a challenge. Every wild animal looks attractive and cute like gorillas, crocodiles, monkeys.

There will be a wide selection of runner characters you can have. There are dog heroes, Ninja Weasel, Princess run, cute beautiful girl, fantasy kid, beautiful female hero, Robot, Hero, and others.

You can get the player's character to run in the Shopping cart menu. Located next to the play button.

You can get the character by buying it with the coins you can get from this game. Then pick up as many coins as you run in this 3d game. Funny cool and certainly very interesting.

Surely you will enjoy this PRIMITIVE DASH Endless Runner 3D Game For Kids game.

It's easy to control every character movement.
If you like to run in the woods than this game is best for you. Funny and fun.

Good luck.

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