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 Heron Parental Monitoring for Snapchat 1.15

Heron is installed on an admin and one or more target devices. On target devices, it will capture screen recordings of any Snapchat use, with various frequency/quality settings. The parent device can pull these videos over bluetooth to view activity.

Key Features compared to other monitoring apps:

• Security of private content. All file transfers are conducted locally over Bluetooth, so the video recording files will not be stored on a third party website or anywhere other than the two phones.

• No Additional Accounts or Third Party Payment. After a free trial, the subscription is managed through google-play and can be easily canceled by you at any time.

• The subscription is only needed for the admin device, so one subscription can be used for unlimited target devices, e.g. multiple children.

• Only one play store application, install this app and select whether it is a target or admin device after installation.

Since video files are large and numerous, it is best to use this app in an audit-style setup with consent of the monitored user. For example, it could be set to record 10 seconds of activity with a 10% chance, up to a maximum of 10 per day, though unlimited options are available.

Please note, to our knowledge it is currently very difficult to prevent a user from uninstalling an application. Even applications like AppLock can generally be avoided by starting the device SafeMode. If your intent is to prevent the target user from uninstalling this application, you should look into a separate rooted permission management application. We believe this app works best with consent of the user for low-frequency audit type monitoring.

How to Use:
1. Install this application on both the target device and the admin device, select the appropriate use after installation, i.e. target or admin device.
2. Enable necessary permissions as prompted during installation.
3. Make sure both devices are paired over bluetooth.
4. In the monitored device, make sure the Admin device is selected and start the service
(this will subsequently auto-start on boot, and should not need restarted).
5. In the Admin device, select the desired target device and retrieve any recorded files over
bluetooth. If no videos have been recorded in the set time frame, or if the target device if
currently off or out of range, try again later.

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