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 Tect O Trak Lite 5.70

Tect O Trak is an Android Gps track and finds recording application. Specifically designed for metal detectorists, by a detectorist. This is the app we were all waiting for. I got fed up with waiting, so I had a go at developing it myself! I hope you like it. Your feedback and support will be greatly appreciated.

This application allows the user to track and record their movements within a predefined area. Searches can be saved and resumed. Additionally, you can also mark/ revisit find spots, and make detailed photo and text records of your finds. You can also view and interact with your files on Google Earth using the Kml export tool.

For detailed instructions how to use Tect O Trak, please visit http://historyhunters.co.uk/tectotrak/

You can view a demonstration video showing how to create a new search area and the find recording process here :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu2J29R3pg4

If you have the slightest issue, please contact me directly by email :- MarkSeeleyUK@gmail.com

Ideally, you should turn on both gps and Tect O Trak at least five minutes before you actually start detecting/recording. This will give the gps time to settle and get a good moving fix on you, You will benefit with a more accurate starting point..

A personal message from the author.
I am not a professional developer. My interest is purely in metal detecting. Although I am the designer, I have to hire in people to do the actual hard coding. If you like Tect O Trak, please show your support by purchasing the app, also leaving a review in the playstore. This will go some way towards helping me develop the app further. I have lots more innovative ideas to implement, all dedicated to the specialised needs of the detectorist. With a little support from the community it will be interesting to see how far I can take it!


Some users have recently reported that after upgrading to Android 5.0 they have experienced some issues with their devices GPS. This is caused by a documented defect in the Android 5.0 'GPS Lock' coding, and affects a number of devices. If you think this affects you, please download install the app 'GPS Locker' https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.silentlexx.gpslock&hl=en Once installed, open the app. go to settings and enable 'Auto lock on GPS on' This is a satisfactory temporary work around until Android release the fix..

Any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please address to :- MarkSeeleyUK@gmail.com

Be lucky,


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