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BattleDex is a handy, fast, and convenient offline source of Pokémon, and related information, and a suite of tools to help with team and matchup analysis.

Features & Functionality:

Pokémon data browser - View in depth information about any Pokémon, such as :
+ Typing
+ Abilities (and a description of what they do)
+ Move learnsets
+ Related forms (mega, primal, rotom, etc)
+ Pokedex data (including Training and breeding info)
+ Base stats
+ Evolution chains

Search for Pokémon by Name (full or partial), and by national dex number.

POWER-search - Discover new Pokémon, that may be of interest to you, by specifying criteria such as: type(pure / half / dual), egg group, EV yield, Weight, Ability learned, etc.

Ability browser - View a list of all abilities available, a description of what they do, and what Pokémon can acquire them.

Move browser - View a list of all moves available, a description of what they do, their stats (power, accuracy, effect chance, priority, etc), and what Pokémon can acquire them.

Item list - View a list of all available game items, their descriptions, and their locations.

VS analysis - compare a selected Pokémon's typing, and base stats, against a configurable predefined team; quickly see who can target the opponents weakness, and who on your team is vulnerable to the opponents typing.

Damage charts - Easily generate damage charts, for any typing (single & dual), for both attack and defence perspectives.

Team analysis - Define a team of up to 6 Pokémon, and view a stat and typing analysis:
+ Team definition - use search options to define a team of 6 Pokémon to save inside the app; this team will be used for VS analysis.
+ Stat analysis - view best & worst in class, for each stat, to identify who your team leaders and slackers are.
+ Cumulative typing analysis - view a cumulative damage chart, for the typing of all team members, to examine for holes in your teams weakness and resistance profiles.


My friend recently introduced me to Pokémon as he wanted someone to battle with, and being the noob that I am, I was completely overwhelmed with new information!

The two main issues I had were:

Being unable to remember what type match-ups are effective - i can't memorise damage charts :3
Unsure of what specific abilities do! / what abilities an opponent could potentially have.
and most frustrating of all, having to guess what typing my opponents Pokémon is (looking at you, Gastrodon!)

I wrote this app to help solve these problems (and over time, many more!). I hope you find it useful too!

KEYWORDS: pokemon, pokémon, pokedex, battle, damage, type, chart, team, analysis, helper, pocket monsters, x, y, alpha, omega, ruby, sapphire, moves, movelist, evolutions, learnset

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