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 Sinhala Abhidharma Deshana 1.0

Sinhala Abhidharma Deshana

Listen and watch scholars explaining Buddha's Abhidhama in Sinhala with this App

The teachings of the Buddha were codified by his followers into three baskets or 'pitakas'. The Abhidhamma Pitaka consists of a minute analysis of mind and matter into their ultimate elements. This gives insight into the teachings of impermanence and no-self (anicca and anatta). By giving an ethical basis to mental states, it shows how suffering (dukkha) arises and how it can be brought to an end

Abhidhamma is the Buddhist philosophy, describing the reality and truth. Abidhamma is the Buddhist psychology, dealing mainly with mental phenomena and explaining how our mind works.

Abhidhamma is the third great division of the Pa?icanon or Tipi?aka (three baskets). It is a huge collection of systematically arranged, tabulated and classified teachings of the Buddha, representing the quintessence of his teachings, timeless and independent of culture, race and gender

In Abhidhamma philosophy the familiar psycho-physical universe (our world of "trees" and "rocks," "I" and "you") is distilled to its essence: an intricate web of impersonal phenomena and processes unfolding at an inconceivably rapid pace from moment to moment, according to precisely defined natural laws

Get this for gaining a complete insight into Buddha's Abhidhama in Sinhala.

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