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 New domino gaple offline 1.0

Domino Gaple Offline 2019, Offline Dominos

Gaple games are played using dominos, where 1 set of dominos consists of 28 cards. Gaple can generally be played with up to 4 players, meaning each player will receive 7 dominoes. The player consecutively discards the card at the table, the first player whose card is finished the winner

Rules of Domino Gaple Offline Game

The maximum gaple game can only be played by 4 people.
Each player gets 7 cards each with a random value.
The first person whose card runs out will be the winner.
For the next round, the player who wins the previous game has the right to discard the card first.
If a player gets more than 5 cards (both sides have the same value) then the game is repeated. Because the player is definitely not going to win which is considered unfair so the game must be repeated.
If you don't have a card that can be discarded, you can pass.
If the game cannot be resumed (no player cards can be discarded anymore) then it will be called gapleh. To determine the winner if there is a gap, we must look at the value on the remaining cards. The player with the smallest card value compared to other players will be the winner.
However, if you only have a CARD of 0 when the gap occurs, your card will be worth 25. But if you still have a card which has one side of the value of 0, then Cache 0 will still be worth 0.

In the beginning of the gaple game, each player will be distributed 7 pieces of different dominoes randomly. If at that time you get about 5 cards with the same number then you have a high chance of winning. Example 5 cards with one side having the number 1 as follows (1 | 0), (1 | 2), (1 | 5) and (1 | 6). Because if you have 5 card number 1 on one side, the card number 1 only has 2 left. So when number 1 comes out, other players will tend to pass because the cards are mostly in your hand.

But try not to close the card that has these numbers on the table with our own card. Conversely, if you can close the card with the end number 1, then immediately do it. Try to make every card on the table end 1. This is so your opponents can't throw cards and can only pass.

Prioritizing Throwing Big Cards / Balak

It has been said above that holding logs of 0, 5 and 6 will be very risky. If you hold the card quickly discard it quickly. Meanwhile, if you do not hold it then turn off the card. Turning off a card means that it cannot be discarded anymore, so that it will continue to be held until it is broken. Because if logs 0, 5 and 6 die then the player holding the card will automatically lose. Getting rid of other competitors will certainly make it easier for you to win.

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