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 Unpuzzle - Mind Teasers & Brain Hackers 1.0.10

About the app
Unpuzzle brings to you all kind of math problems you can think of. It is simple and fun. It charges up all your brain connections, relaxes your mind, sets in mindfulness and improves your problem-solving abilities.

On Unpuzzle, you get a number of puzzles, math mind teasers, and quickies from beginners to pro level.
The app has 3 levels:
Level I – (Easy)
Level II – (Medium)
Level III – (Hard)

The puzzles around these levels will challenge your analytical and observation skills. A developed ability to pick up on small details helps in every aspect of our lives, especially at work. When we’re more detailed oriented and precise, the quality of our work improves. So grasping the pattern for filling the question mark will help your mind to be precise.

With Unpuzzle you will have better reasoning abilities, a rational approach towards your day-to-day problems and calm mood throughout.

Sharpen the skills you use every day
Memory. Attention. Flexibility. Speed. Problem Solving. Unpuzzle helps you challenge and train the skills that matter to you most.
Exercise for your mind made easy
A fresh workout for just a few minutes per day to keep you challenged.
Brain training for everyone
No matter your age or skill level, Unpuzzle has something for your unique strengths and weaknesses.

What you get?
• Mindfulness
• Reduced levels of stress
• Increased productivity with a clear mind
• Attention to details
• Refined logical reasoning skills
• Strengthened strategy making abilities
• Better abilities to corporate

So Unpuzzle and Recharge your mind !!!

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