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 Bagha Chheli Game 2.0

It is an asymmetric Board Game played between two players somewhat similar to Chess.

Exciting Features :
1. Take side of Tiger as well as Goat
2. Play at three different complexity level
3. Each level has 15+ variation for initial Tiger positioning
4. View previous game results

The Bagha Chheli (Tiger Goat) Game is a very popular board game in the rural parts of Odisha, Pashima Banga, some other parts of India and Nepal. Basically it is a mini version of Chess even known as the "Village Chess", "Bagh-Chal", "Bagha Bandi", "Sher-bakar" etc.

The Bagha Chheli Game is played between two Players on a Board consisting of 25 intersections points. The Board allows placing of four Bagha(Tiger) and 20 Chheli(Goat). One Player takes side of Bagha(Tiger) and the other takes side of the Chheli.

* Option to play by taking side of either Goat or Tiger team
* Option to play at three difficulty level
* View play results
* Review, Share

Playing Rules:
- First, the Player taking side of Bagha places all four Bagha on the Board.
- Then the Player taking side of Chheli places one Chheli on the Board and asks other Player to reposition a Bagha.
- Once all 20 Chheli are on Board, a Chheli can change it's position on the Board.
- A Bagha/Chheli can move to a near by vacant intersection one place at a time. The movement happens on the lines of the Board
- A Chheli is considered as captured/killed by a Bagha and is taken out of the Board if the Bagha jumps over it. A Bagha can jump over a Cheli, if the Chheli is next to Bagha and there is a vacant intersection next to the Chheli in the same direction. Can be jumped once in a single turn.
- A Bagha cannot jump over another Bagha. A Chheli can not jump at all.

Wining Rules:
- The Player taking side of Bagha wins the game if the Player manages to kill more than four Chheli so that it is impossible to block Bagha's movement.
- The Player taking side of Chheli wins the game if the Player manages to block movement of all four Bagha.
- A draw happens if result can not be decided after 100 moves.

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