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 Income Tax Return eFiling India - Finobot 1.3.15

Financial prudence is an essence to lead a fulfilling life. Financial freedom liberates an individual
from the constant monetary worries and tensions that are part of everyday life, but getting there
requires a lot of work and effort. Financial literacy is the ability to understand and manage ones
finances properly, all on their own. But what level of literacy is good enough? When prompted on
this question, People respond ‘I know it all’ types or 'I am already doing it' kinds. What one fail to
realize is that, despite, many resources and channels are made available, people are often victimized
due to many “misses” – misconception, misalignment, misguidance, misrepresentation, and / or
misselling. In many cases, individuals are faced with complex and interrelated financial issues that
require the expertise of a trusted advisor with an appropriate depth and breadth of knowledge and
accessibility and affordability. The first step in building financial security is to get a handle on one’s
personal finances – from money and risk management to credit card balances and car loan payments
to goals identification and prioritization to savings and investment plans – that is "personal financial
We leverage deep domain expertise in financial planning and investment management to provide
our clients a unified platform that offers them a complete range of financial advisory. We endeavour
to combine knowledge, technology and cutting-edge analytics to make exemplary acumen in wealth
management available to all, and give them a definitive edge in ensuring they invest smartly for their
future. We aim to play a vital role in nurturing happy individuals and families, by giving them the
much needed financial guidance to live their dreams.
We, go by a company name PurplePath, are a new generation wealth management solutions
provider. We aim to bring about convergence of the old with the new – converging the evolved
financial fundamentals with the emerging technologies – in transforming personal finance and
democratizing wealth management solutions.
Our product, by name Finobot, is an artificial intelligence based financial management system that
works on connected devices, delivers the information and resources one need to manage, in all their
personal and family money matters, by showing them how to make each financial decision
intelligently, timely, and cost-effectively. It captures users’ demographic and financial details,
dreams and aspirations, analyses various situations / strategies / alternatives, develops a
comprehensive financial plan, which includes goal plan, insurance plan, retirement plan, investment
plan, tax plan, cash management plan, and networth management plan, and presents the financial
plan for implementation.

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