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 Paperless Signature, Business 1.17

Simply mail a pdf to this app -> Zoom, Sign with your finger or stylus and type directly onto the document from the tablet or phone -> Receive the signed and finished document in your email.

OR print direct to a Google Cloud Printer we share with you. The document appears on your app, you sign and it is delivered to your mail.

Business Version provides unlimited use for 12 months. Also provides unlimited document authentication. Read on!

Fulfills and exceeds US, EU and AU legal digital signature requirements.

Email howto: Simply mail a PDF to print@paperless-print.com. That's it! The PDF is ready to sign and type on right on your phone or tablet usually in less than 10 seconds. Our systems deliver the documents to you based on the 'from' address in your email.

Printing howto: Enable Google Cloud Print in the Configuration. We share a Google Cloud Printer with you, you print to the shared Google Cloud Printer. Output appears right on this app, you then sign and type right on the document and click 'Save'. The 'Saved' output is emailed to your email. It's that simple.

No special templates or software necessary! Any PDF, JPG or TIFF file attachment is compatible.

If you use Google Cloud Print, print documents direct to the app direct from Windows, Google Docs or Chromebook. Print, then edit/sign the documents and save/send them. We create and share a printer directly with you and only you.

Complete the whole deal with only your phone. All documents contain authentication codes so you can always prove originals are unaltered. Simply upgrade to the business version to use this feature.

* Sales, Insurance, Finance: Use Paperless Signing in the field. You can print your sales agreement from your phone, and customers can write on & sign the document on your device as if it were a piece of paper, then you save and mail the customer the signed copy. You don't have to leave your customer for even a moment. The deal is done - no printers, scanners or paper. All on your phone or tablet.
* Office: This app brings the paperless office to you. Sign invoices, time sheets, anything, without waiting for printers or scanners.
* Remote: You could even ask someone back at the office to send you the document. It appears on your phone or tablet, ready to sign.

You choose the output quality and file size. You receive a PDF of the finished "document" in the mail. You save the signed document or forward to others or do as you wish. This completely replaces the process of printing onto paper, altering and signed and then scanning the finished paper document, then disposing of the paper.

Savings: costs and maintenance, printers and scanners, toners, drums, electricity, paper and secure document storage or destruction. This app makes the paperless,mobile office possible for you right now.

The app comes with Unlimited Pages for 12 months and unlimited access to document verification for 12 months.

Security: All Google Cloud Printed documents are encrypted during transport. Sorry, email is not secured, but we provide a secure link to your document if you requre. Once processed and successfully mailed to you, your document is immediately deleted from our systems. Only minimal information related to authentication is maintained by us.

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