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 Learn Financial Accounting 2.0

Financial Accounting, Basic, Fundamental accounting process and study notes. Best resource for learning Financial Accounting. You will learn:

Capital, Profit & Loss.
Drawings Debtors Creditors Owned/Loaned Capital.
Income, Expenditure, Receipts, Payments.
The Need for Accounting.
Money Measurement Concept.
Basic Purpose of Accounting.
Objective of Accounting, Elements/Aspects in Accounting, Separate Entity Concept.
Basic Accounting Equation :: Capital + Liabilities = Assets.
Effect of Transactions on the Accounting Equation.
Dual Entity Concept.
Account Types or Kinds of Accounts - Personal, Real, Nominal.
Kinds of Accounts Illustration.
Rules of Debit and Credit - Accounting.
Rules of Debit and Credit Illustration.
Journal - Book of Prime Entry, Journalising.
Recording a Transaction in the Journal.
Preparing the Ledger : Posting.
Ledger Account Balancing.
Trial Balance Preparation and Purpose.
Organisational Accounting System Design.
Simple Compound/Combined Journal Entry.
Complex Compound/Combined Journal Entry.

This is must have app for commerce students. B com aspirants can download this app to practice financial accounting question and answers. You can find nearly all sort of questions to excel in RTMNU exam.

Financial Accounting Terms and Glossary for students. Easy and Searchable terms for Financial Accounting. Get to know these all essential terminology of Financial Accounting details. This is kind of Financial Accounting Terms Dictionary of Definitions. By familiarizing yourself with these basic accounting terms, acronyms and abbreviations early on will help you better prepare for exam a successful accounting career. This app will help you to learn basic accounting terms, study them and commit them to memory.

# Accounting Basics
# Debits and Credits
# Chart of Accounts
# Bookkeeping
# Accounting Equation
# Accounting Principles
# Financial Accounting
# Adjusting Entries
# Financial Statements
# Balance Sheet
# Income Statement
# Cash Flow Statement
# Financial Ratios
# Bank Reconciliation
# Accounts Receivable and Bad Debts Expense
# Accounts Payable
# Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
# Depreciation
# Payroll Accounting
# Bonds Payable
# Stockholders' Equity
# Present Value of a Single Amount
# Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity
# Future Value of a Single Amount
# Nonprofit Accounting
# Break-even Point
# Improving Profits
# Evaluating Business Investments
# Manufacturing Overhead
# Nonmanufacturing Overhead.
# Activity Based Costing
# Standard Costing
# Accounting Careers

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