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 CentralStation CRM 1.0.22

You've got your very special way of handling contact and client relations? Maybe all the details are spread across you mail software, Excel sheets and folders? Or you're already working with a CRM software, however you or your colleagues don't really use it because it's too complicated?
We've got your back.

CentralStation CRM is probably the easiest solution for handling all your client and contact relationships (some call it CRM) all in one place. It's build for small teams and businesses, not for large corporates.

Besides ease of use, we focus on kollaboration and the day-to-day tasks within your customer and client relationships. When did we last speak? What was I about to do? Where is that email or special file? Who was my colleague about to call before he got sick?

That said, CentralStation CRM is an operational CRM software that helps you better talk to your customers. Our focus is not so much on analytics, fancy charts that contain meaningless data most of the time.

Give it a try, we'd love to have you onboard and see you smile. And we're sure your customers will love it too.

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