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Functions and tasks
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has the following functions and duties:

Develop and implement agricultural development policy in order to improve the standard of living of people in the state.

Participate in the formulation of land reform and land use policy
Orientation and plan for the development of all sectors of agriculture
Coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of policies and activities for agricultural development.

Monitor the development of the natural resources of the agricultural sector and facilitate the exploitation of natural resources to meet the needs Of the country and respect for ecosystem.

Defining regulations on the management, preservation of natural resources of the agricultural sector, and monitoring of implementation.

To evaluate and train human resources for agricultural development by increasing the level of technical knowledge and understanding. The characteristics of this resource are effective.

Provide technical support and technical advice to farmers to improve production and productivity of agriculture.

Identify policies and follow up the implementation, enhance and improve the functioning of relevant association organizations. And agriculture.

To study and disseminate scientific, technical, and economic information in all sectors of agriculture.

Introduce land development work and improve soil quality and use agricultural land, plant varieties, plant varieties, chemical fertilizers and drugs Agriculture meets the geographical conditions of the region to ensure high yield and balance The natural environment.

Co-operate and cooperate with international, international, non-governmental organizations for the development of all sectors of agriculture
Participate in promoting and promoting investment, exporting agricultural products and food.

Participate in activities related to the Mekong River Basin in accordance with the ministry's duties.

Participate in costing and marketing of agricultural products
Collect state budget or cooperate with the Ministry of Economy and Finance in collecting state.

Safe food inspection of all agricultural products ranging from planting to end-of-processing.

Perform other tasks assigned by the Royal Government.

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