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 占い師を選べる!《チャット機能で恋愛・復縁・不倫占い》-みん占- 2.3

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The authentic fortune-telling application the fortunetellers very popular
by word-of-mouth communication send!
By a real time chat like LINE of the first industry, worries, free

The free fortune-telling which can be enjoyed every day and a popular
fortuneteller enrich! I'll predict worrisome love, marriage and life
thoroughly by authentic fortune-telling!

What is minura?
・Personal information and the troublesome member registration by which it's
for a credit card, without everything
・Delta Airlines no charge! If an application is opened, you can suffer from
the enrollment fortuneteller who will hope immediately and consult!
・A wide age bracket is directing.
・It'll be kyat appraisal and the number of characters accounting system, so
it isn't necessary to worry about appraisal time.
・It's possible to send a picture during appraisal, so the lines of the palm
and physiognomy fortune-telling are BATCHIRI correspondence!
・It's a perfect advance payment system, so you can use it surely (*^-^*).

About the appraisal charge.
・When sending a message to a fortuneteller, the appraisal charge for at
least 3USD for one copy (to 80 character) will occur.

・One copy will be made 3USD =80 character, and it's to 81-160
character+ to 3USD and 161-240 character+ 3USD

・It's different in the appraisal charge per one copy depending on appraisal
teachers, so it's trouble, but please check it more than a profile page of
each appraisal teacher.

・I'll make one copy =80 character irrespective of an appraisal teacher.

・Pt per one copy chosen every appraisal teacher will bring about the number
of characters of 80 for one copy character sheep rise.

All message appraisal results from a fortuneteller can be read for free of
A point in the first time 「for 5USD」 is presented as the free
trial appraisal charge now!
Please try the chat system fortune-telling of new sense by all means this

It's recommended to such one.
・I'm interested in fortune-telling.
・I don't want to worry about time and the charge like the telephone
・There is resistance in meeting appraisal.
・I don't like speaking directly.
・I'm not getting along well with a sweetheart/a partner.
・I'd like to worry and consult casually.
・I have the problem which can be confessed for no one.

I have the following consultation mainly by appraisal.
・The future of difficult love
・That person I liked very much and, again, fukuen, would.
・How does one seem for a favorite person
・I'd like to make love of one-sided love successful.
・Can it be happily by the partner now
・I'm worried whether a sweetheart is seeing only me.
・Can it be the person who could tell feelings happily
・Do marriage and a conjugal life work

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