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 VyuCall 1.0

Presentation of caller ID information set by a caller on called device and status information set by a called device on the caller user device. It also provides capability to play video ringtone set by caller on called user device.

What differentiates it from other Caller ID App?
The App provides the functionality of user-defined caller id, i.e, you have the control on the profile (caller id) displayed on the other side when you initiate a phone call. For your near and dear ones, you can set your nick name or pet name as Caller ID, and when they receive a call from you, they would be euphoric after reading your profile information, thus increasing your bonding with them. Also, you can set a generic profile, which would be visible to all other VyuCall users who receive your call.

What differentiates it from other Video Ringtone App?
There is a video tone functionality which is very unique of its kind. When a VyuCall user receives a call, the video tone of the calling number would be played if already synced, otherwise his/her own video tone would be played.
For instance, when a user set(upload) a video tone, all the VyuCall users who have his/her mobile number saved in their contacts would be notified that a new video tone is available to download. And if they sync(download) the video tone, then, that particular video tone would be played as video ringtone on their mobile device, when the videotone setter calls. So, if your phonebook contacts have VyuCall installed, they would be visible in the contacts section of VyuCall App. And you can download their video tone, if they have uploaded any, which would be set as your ringtone for that particular contact, otherwise your own video tone would be played on your device, if the video tone of the incoming number is not synced, or the number haven't set any video tone.

What differentiates it from other Social Offering Apps?
The users have the option to set their status for certain duration, which would be visible to other VyuCall users who initiate a call to them, and thus, can know the availability of the person before call. For instance, if you are in an urgent meeting for 2 hours, you can set your status such that the callers can know the valid reason behind your inability in answering their call in that duration, and thereby would not redial again and again.

So, For the optimum experience of this App, ask your friends and acquaintances to install this App, so that you can share most of the information even before the Call being answered.

>>>>>> This app is completely free of cost and also ad free<<<<<<

1) Allow a user to set Video caller ID for display to called numbers even if caller ID not in their address book.
2) Control to user to set either a generic caller ID or specific caller ID for a specific called user.
3) Caller ID is displayed to called number at the time of call.
4) Allow a user to set status information and corresponding time period for which the status information is valid.
5) Called user status presented to caller at time of call without any action from user.
6) User can set ring tone in video and image.
7) Video ringtone played, caller ID and image displayed to called number at time of call.
8) Caller ID information is retrieved in Minimal data consumption.
9) Presentation of caller ID and Status messages even in no-data mode at time of call for address book contacts.
10) Periodic and on-demand sync of caller ID and video ringtone to minimize data consumption.
11) Offline Video ringtone feature is also available.

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