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 visualife AR 2.0.5

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Our lives can be full of memories, captured in pictures and videos. Whether it’s that once in a lifetime holiday you enjoyed, or just a great film you watched. Why spend time painstakingly browsing through folders and web pages to find them, when you can simply hold your smartphone or tablet over a picture, only for the picture to seamlessly blend into video, brought to life on your screen amongst your surroundings.

Interact uniquely with your customers through magazines, point of sale, leaflets and more. Connect them to your latest movie and game trailers, sharing your content on social media, buying items direct from your website.

You’ll also have access to analytics such as:

• Total Visualife images uploaded

• Total recognitions per Visualife image

• Recognition data: who (based on email from login), when and how many views

• Information on most recognised images: per day, per week, per month

With Visualife AR, your world can come to life in a very unique way!

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