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 MOBOTIX 1.4.2

Mobile Remote Station For MOBOTIX IP Video Door Stations And IP Cameras

Owners of MOBOTIX IP Video Door Stations and MOBOTIX IP Cameras can now use this app on their iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPhone or iPod touch. The user interface of the App automatically adjusts to the screen size of the terminal device. The network connection is established via WiFi in a building or via 3G/4G while on the road - safely encrypted without the need for any other special devices.

Even if you don't have a MOBOTIX device yet (e.g., Door Station, camera), you can test the app using demo videos!

The app uses MOBOTIX's unique video system, which offers many advantages in addition to supplying a 180-degree image of the entire scene in front of the door (Hemispheric technology). What happened today while I was gone? Who rang the doorbell, and when? When and where did the video motion detection of my camera trigger? The app provides easy access to the event recordings of all connected cameras.

The app informs you automatically when someone rings the doorbell. You can open the door for the family, even though you're still stuck in traffic. Delivery men can use the intercom to ask you if they can leave their parcels with the neighbors. And if you're sitting in the backyard, just take your iPhone or iPad.

Much more Flexibility
Besides people ringing the doorbell, the app also informs you of other alarm signals (e.g., from the integrated video motion detection of a MOBOTIX camera).

Main Functions

• Worldwide connection via WiFi or via internet
• Automatic search of cameras in the local network
• Camera integration outside the local network via DynDNS
• Video presentation (Live/Player): can be optimized to the available bandwidth
• Video with two-way audio using camera microphone and speaker
• Signaling of the doorbell and other events
• Opening doors and switching lights
• Panning, tilting and zooming of the camera (virtual PTZ)
• Do not disturb function: switching off bell completely
• Privacy mode: temporary disabling camera functions (e.g., recording, live image)
• Image settings (brightness, color, contrast)
• T24/25 mailbox settings (bell profile, announcement, recording)
• Event counter and preview (e.g., missed doorbell ring, mailbox messages, alarms)
• Quick overview of all cameras and all recorded events
• Grouping of cameras and recordings
• Playing back all recorded messages and events
• Jog shuttle playback (forward and reverse), time lapse function
• Snapshot export into photo album
• Backup and restore app configurations
• Integrated help function for easy operation

Connections in wireless networks (WiFi, 3G/4G) will not have the same quality everywhere and may even fail completely. Therefore it is not guaranteed that all events such as ringing will be transmitted in time. A er connection failure the MOBOTIX App tries to re-establish the connection automatically. However, with newer versions of the iOS operating system, the activities of apps have generally been restricted in the so-called background mode so that a signal notification cannot be guaranteed even under ideal network conditions. Therefore, MOBOTIX AG recommends in general the use of a wired counter station such as the MxDisplay +. Please refer to the MOBOTIX website for more information about this app. Please note that for older MOBOTIX IP cameras (Q22/D22/M22/D12/M12) only live image display with limited intercom (one way audio, push to talk) is supported.

System Requirements
• iPad/iPad mini/iPhone/iPod touch with iOS 6.0 or later
• MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station with firmware version or later
• MOBOTIX IP Camera with firmware version or later

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