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 Marble Genius® Toys & Games 1.10.0

Take your Marble Genius® Marble Run toy or Marble Maze game to the next level with challenges and interactive instructions. Have fun and get inspired using step-by-step picture guides to create spectacular marble runs or marble mazes with any of our Marble Genius® sets (Starter Set, Super Set, Extreme Set, Marble Maze, etc.).

Marble run toys are open-ended and work best when you create your own configurations. We've provided 12+ step-by-step marble run projects in this app, complete with photos and detailed instructions. Use these as a starting point when learning how to build a marble run. Once you get the hang of it, build your own configurations and share your results!

Marble Run toys and Marble Maze games are a great STEM toy because they teach basic engineering and physics concepts as you build them. We believe kids learn best through play, and new skills are developed as each challenge is completed.

We offer a range of levels (Beginner to Expert) in both our Marble Run toys and Marble Maze games so that any skill level can be challenged. We continually add new projects and challenges to the app to keep it fresh and exciting!

BUILD AMAZING MARBLE RUN CREATIONS: A giant marble run is a work of art and a science experiment all at the same time. There's nothing more fulfilling than creating a giant structure and being able to play with it once the building is complete. Follow the numerous step-by-step projects included with this app to make mind-blowing creations.

BUILD CHALLENGING MAZES: We've included all 60 Marble Maze challenge cards in the app, along with 30+ FREE online-only challenge cards for expansion of this game. A full solution is provided for every challenge.

WATCH VIDEO SOLUTIONS: Our Marble Maze game can be very straightforward OR very challenging depending on your thought process. As a result, we've included step-by-step videos for all 60 of the challenges included with this game. We hope these videos make it easier for you to play and take your maze building skills to the next level.

EARN BADGES: Every time you complete a project, you'll earn a badge with a Marble Genius® logo and checkmark signifying successful completion of the project. If you want to try a challenge again, you can access it at any time.

SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: You have the option to log in to Facebook within the app OR take pictures of your completed projects. Pictures can be shared within the app or on your favorite social media site. If you'd rather play on your own or you have young children, simply skip the Facebook login and use the app on its own.

We hope this app takes your Marble Genius® toy or game to the next level. Engage your mind and have fun playing with Marble Genius®!

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