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 바이오 범프 - 커플 매칭 1.1.6

This App will give you usefulness and pleasure based on biorhythm that has been studied scientifically since the early 1900s.

Bio Bump provides checking biorhythm and marital harmony with your partner using biorhythm and helping find your best partner on a blind date which has a lot of members with Bump function.

You can get your daily biorhythm at a specific time. If you register a person who you like as a partner, his or her biorhythm and the best day for a gift or a proposal, etc. will be offered. Enjoy your life by checking you and your partner’s biorhythm everyday.

Bio Bump right now! Say "Bio~ Bump" all together

The Best Features of Bio Bump

1.You can see harmony between you and a boyfriend, girlfriend or celebrity. With the result, you can find a good match and the best day for a date etc. beforehand.

2.Using built-in bump function, many couples can be matched at the same time depending on individual biorhythm.
Also, you can enjoy games finding Today’s King, Today’s Servant and Today’s Loser depending on individual biorhythm.

3.Couple Matching using biorhythm has a great effect not only on a blind date but on business.
Projects can be carried out efficiently with members who have good harmony on a biorhythm basis, so many companies make use of it.

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