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Tottori Prefecture’s disaster prevention application “AnshinToripy Navi” is a free and comprehensive disaster prevention app provided in multiple languages by Tottori Prefecture.

This app allows users to view various types of crisis management information relating to Tottori Prefecture separated by content, such as Tori-Net’s “Tottori Prefecture Crisis Management Portal Site”, “AnshinToripy E-mails”, and “Information Regarding Shelters, Evacuation Areas, and Live Camera Feeds of Rivers and Roads”.

▼▼▼ App Details ▼▼▼

■Various types of emergency information transmitted via AnshinToripy E-mails (evacuation information, weather information including alerts, earthquake information, traffic information, community safety information such as heat stroke warnings, etc.), as well as other information about Tottori Prefecture, such as tourism and event info, is provided via push notifications from the app.

■You can always easily access the “Tottori Prefecture Crisis Management Portal Site” (“Tori-Net”, Tottori Prefecture’s official website).

■ Allows users to view the nearest designated shelters and designated evacuation areas in Tottori Prefecture, examine lists and descriptions of disaster prevention live cameras (roads and rivers), check positioning maps for each location (automatic routing guidance), and view live feeds of live cameras.

■Available Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai.

◎ Caution

◆ This Application provides information notifications corresponding to the User’s current location through use of GPS in its displays of lists of “Shelters and Disaster Prevention Cameras”, “Vicinity Information”, and its “Maps and Routes” display function.

◆ Download and use of this Application is free, but the User may be charged packet communications fees according to the contract between the User and the telecommunications company.

◆ Selection of areas and topics for “AnshinToripy E-mails” for which “Notifications” are provided can only be selected on the “Settings” screen of the Application, and these settings cannot be changed through the “Edit” links and the like found at the end of the main texts of “AnshinToripy E-mails”.

◆ The routes shown on the maps found at the “Shelters and Disaster Prevention Cameras” link utilize the route searching services provided by the map website. As such, the routes shown are not necessarily the optimal routes in the event of a disaster, so please use those routes for reference purposes.

◆ Multilingual Display
○ Regarding Translations
・ This app uses machine-based, automated translation services. 
・ Translation results are stored in the translation systems that conduct the automated translations.
・ In some cases, some of the translations may be inaccurate, or unintentional.
・ We can provide no assurances whatsoever regarding the translation results obtained via these translation services.
・ When using the translation service, please be aware that the automated translations may not be 100% accurate.
○ The Disaster Prevention Portal will only be available in the languages of the links displayed.
○ The multilingual versions of “AnshinToripy E-mails” displayed in “Notices” will be issued if the switch for providing “Disaster Prevention Information” in languages other than Japanese is set to ON in the settings page. All other Notices will be displayed in Japanese only.
○ Items received as multilingual “AnshinToripy E-mails” will be set at the Operator’s discretion.
○ “Shelters and Disaster Prevention Cameras” will only be displayed in Japanese, English, and simple Japanese (Hiragana).
  However, the items recorded in “How to Use” will be displayed in 10 languages.

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