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 KAREL - Kidney Health Tracker 1.0.1

KAREL is a FREE chronic kidney disease (CKD) app co-designed by patients and kidney specialists. It’s a fully personalised and customisable CKD specific app that helps anyone at any stage of CKD, to take better control of their body, mind and everyday life.

Features include:


*My Bloods - Track and visualise blood results that matter to you
*My Symptoms - Track and visualise CKD specific symptoms to share with clinicians
*My Weight - Hit your weight goals with our management tracker
*My Fluids - Manage goals and restrictions with our fluid tracker
*My Blood Pressure - Record BP results when outside the hospital
*My Dialysis - Digitise PD or HD treatments and understand your dialysis trends to better manage dialysis


*My Feelings - Track and visualise the most common feelings that affect people with CKD
*My CKD News - Stay up to date with patient friendly CKD news
*My Community - Join the conversation by asking and/or answering questions from people going through something similar
*My Data - Control your medical data with the ability to restrict data shared with your connected medical practice (only needed if your medical practice has a partnership with KAREL)


*My Medication - Add your list of medications, set reminders and track the amount of pills your have left
*My Appointments - Be organised before and after appointments with reminders and CKD specific checklists
*My Kidney Snapshot - Keep a personalised snapshot available to share with clinicians at the tap of a button
*Personalised Notifications - Make positive behaviour change by setting reminders for the parts of CKD that matter to you

KAREL was co-designed with dozens of patients, nephrologists, nurses and renal experts to make this the number one patient centred experience and we are only at the start of our journey with you! We plan on continuing to partner with patients to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation.

If you have any ideas or want to get involved in KAREL in any way possible, please reach out to us directly at hello@wearekarel.com or join one of our @wearekarel social communities on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

**You do not need to be part of a coaching or insurance plan to use KAREL for your CKD health tracking, this includes adding your PD or HD treatment data.

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