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 Zen Lounge: Meditation Sounds 1.1

Get rid of depression, feelings of loneliness, despair and anxiety using sounds.

Are you struggling with anxiety and feelings of loneliness due to isolation? If yes, Zen Lounge – Stress Relief Relaxing Sounds app is here to help you in getting the self-help and anxiety relief you seek. Filled with a myriad of guided anxiety relief activities and anti stress music, the mindfulness app is created to assist you in getting rid of negativity from your life and achieve mental wellbeing. Join the community of hundreds of Zen users and unlock new levels of self-awareness, focus and stress relief with our focus booster app.

Find Depression Help

Do you want to get rid of depressive thoughts? Are you feeling suicidal and need a relief from all the negativity surrounding your mind, body and soul? The mental health app offers a special depression help sounds section in which you can play tons of relaxing sounds and get rid of depression and stressful thoughts.

Anti Stress App

The useful anti stress app helps you stay sane and connected with yourself in challenging lifestyle. With its guided rounds, you can not only learn to pick what best fits your stress relief profile but also track your performance to track your mental wellbeing.

Enter into a realm of relaxing sounds!

Scientific research supports the usefulness of meditation sounds in establishing feelings of calm and poise in troubled or depressed people. Access a huge library of anti-depression sounds and white noise sleep music to get rid of malicious vibes and find relief from anxiety and insomnia. Combat the feelings of loneliness and depression by playing white noise in the background.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Let go of your troubles with this incredible stress relief app! Save yourself from down the abyss of depression, anxiety stress and despair by using this app. Choose from different mental health categories including healing, relaxation, sleep music, depression help, mindfulness, anxiety meditation, Zen, forest, mountains and much more!

Intuitive user controls!

Mix and match mental health melody with your selected sounds and set the timer manually to adjust the meditation duration.

Track your Mental Wellbeing

Rank your way up in Zen levels! Track your mental health performance and record your daily progress with this app. Zen Lounge will help you attain better levels of relaxation and calm with its innovative performance tracker and reward system.
Discover new stuff everyday with the ultimate mindfulness and meditation app available out there!

How to use Zen Lounge – Stress Relief Relaxing Sounds:

• Download and launch the mindfulness app
• Choose a Zen activity from the wide collection of mental health sounds
• Mix and match nature sounds
• Set the duration and play the relaxing sounds
• Mediate everyday to maintain your streak
• Unlock new Zen levels with consistency

Features of Zen Lounge – Stress Relief Relaxing Sounds

• Life-changing anti stress activities
• Relaxing sounds featuring anxiety relief melody and white noise
• Manually adjustable timer to adjust sound play duration
• Mix and match anxiety relief melody with different sounds
• Maintain daily Zen streak to achieve newer ranks
• Record and track your daily mental health progress
• Get rid of sleep issues and anxiety with white noise
• Mindfulness app for beginners, intermediates and pros
• Wide assortment of Zen sounds and melodies

What are you waiting for? Step onto a journey of unlocking a better lifestyle with Zen Lounge: Meditate with relaxing sounds. Download the app today!

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