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 Vybe Life 1.6.19

Vybe Life is a daily mindfulness practise which rewards conscious living.
By becoming more aware and connected to the present moment, a different, more empowered lens will emerge for navigating through this complex and beautiful world. Success is dramatically impacted by who you choose to surround yourself with. Connect with like mind & hearted individuals from across the world using the TRIBE feature of the app.

Your thoughts are one of the most important tools you have to unlock your hidden potential and through Vybe Life, you will regain access to optimum living by refining and consciously making choices to help you express your best version of you!

On average we have about 70-80,000 thoughts a day. 70% of those thoughts are negative. We are working on changing that. It's all about your PERSPECTIVE.

Vybe Life is backed by scientific principals:


The brain is malleable. It has the ability to change throughout our life.
It’s never too late to break a habit or form a new one.


Your outlook on life makes more of a difference on your well being than anything - even more than your genes.
The more a user vybes, the more positive their emotions and thoughts become, and the more it changes the brain and body chemistry.
It’s not your genes that determine your wellbeing, it’s your choices.

Quantum Entanglement

We’re more connected than we realize.
Latest research tells us that relationships built through trust and devoid of fear of judgment foster magical possibilities for thriving and accelerating growth.

The more you play, the more you WILL unlock and discover about yourself and the world around you.

Download the app today!

Think of it as a new type of mindfulness..

Express yourself openly and freely to the world without worrying about being judged for your thoughts/feelings and experiences.

Get in touch with authentic sides of yourself that you may have never known existed and empower your being to live fully and passionately.

Connect with a tribe of like-minded people from around the world.

Not only will you step out of your comfort zone with the daily prompts given, but you will have fun doing it, collecting points and redeeming for some seriously awesome rewards.

Rewire how you think and help yourself form new habits, but not through
deprivation and willpower, but with the things you enjoy, and that inspire you.

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