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 PrimalThenics 1.8

- Get more out of life and feel Fit, Strong and Mobile with PrimalThenics, YOUR ultimate movement and mobility training App. PrimalThenics bridges the gap between rehab, mobility and conditioning.
- With over 4,500 minutes of training sessions and over 1,000 minutes of unique mobility and rehab videos that you can turn into your own customised training sessions, the PrimalThenics app offers endless training and rehab combinations.
- The structure, support and personalisation provided are the keys to unlocking your movement and mobility and embracing the active life you want to lead.
- Train Anywhere, Anytime, as the program is virtual and requires no equipment. Full length follow-along sessions, create your own programs, and sessions that you can download and store for offline use.
- PrimalThenics users love the ability to tackle mobility, injury rehab and strength and conditioning in the one application.
- The PrimalThenics focus is on using your bodyweight and learning to control it through a diverse range of movements.
- It is specifically designed to combine mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness; in the same session. It creates, maintains and fixes the base of your fitness pyramid.
-Traditional training styles only improve one element of fitness at a time. PrimalThenics is a unique ‘all-in-one’ program combining all the above elements of Mobility, Strength and Cardiovascular fitness. The extensive library of movements will expose your weaknesses, allowing you to work your muscles and joints through the full range of motion in a controlled manner.

- Subscription Details are:
1. Monthly, Billed $27.99 / month. (30 days)
2. Weekly, Billed $6.99 / week. (7 days)

- Read more about our terms and conditions here:

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