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 Heartrite Health 1.3.4

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A comprehensive and clinically backed solution to finally lower your high blood pressure.

Nearly 1 in every 3 American Adults has high blood pressure (hypertension). Even with 75 million hypertensive Americans, there is still a lack of resources for a population desperate for support.

When diagnosed with hypertension, people look to their physicians for guidance to treat and manage their chronic disease. With nearly 90% of physicians reporting spending less than 24 minutes with their patients, there is a clear gap in the ability to provide the required support for chronic disease patients.

Management of chronic disease, specifically hypertension, requires a thorough understanding of a person’s lifestyle, regular engagement & support, and a path for behavioral change to make lasting health outcomes.

A meaningful solution is required for truly healthier outcomes, which is where the HeartRite Program comes in…

The Team at HeartRite has developed a program with the sole objective of lowering our user’s high blood pressure. The HeartRite Program focuses on helping support our users in adopting lifestyle interventions - customized to their day to day activities and health status - to drive lasting change.

The HeartRite Program provides customized programs backed by a team of experienced specialists with one on one coaching support (with unlimited access), all while leveraging technology to enable engagement with our users and the program.

The HeartRite Team keeps in mind that blood pressure ranges will vary by individuals based on their current lifestyle and health related factors, but knows that it can make a positive impact on your high blood pressure and overall health.

We look forward to working with you - let’s lower your blood pressure - together.

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