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 Habit Breaker 1.0

This app is not suitable for dietary habit regulation. Refer to a health professional if you have a eating or weight disorder.

This is a behaviour modification app and you should consult with a professional in the relative field (health, psycological, etc.) before using this app to determine suitability for your particular case.

The developer does not guarantee any specific results.

Use at own risk.

You've decided to finally kick that habit and you've tried other methods and they just don't work for you. This might be the app for you!

Habit Breaker works on the assumption that you do the habit you want to break on a regular basis, but this may change with different activities you do throughout the day.

Start off by tell the app what activity you are doing and then logging each time you do your habit. Once it has enough information, it will start breaking your habit using an increasing time between telling you you can do it. Gradually breaking the association you have with your habit and activities.

Control the speed of breaking your habit by configuring the amount of times you follow the target time between occurrences before increasing the allowed time between occurrences. As well, you control the amount of the increase using either a percentage increase or fixed time increase.

If you're finding it particularly difficult to hit the target time, you can let the app know that you are doing it early. This will set you back a bit, but allows you some more time to adjust before going on to the next step. Eventually you will get back on track and continue on your path to being habit free.

Ideally suited for habits where you have relative free-will to do it when you want.

Each activity (sleep, work, watching TV, exercising etc.) is configured with it's own adjustable settings.

The app also keeps track of when you do your habit the first time after switching to an activity. So if you normally do it right after waking up, but every hour afterwards, it will see this and let you control the allowed time on a different setting than during the rest of the activity.

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