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 GoingVertical 2.3

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Ever wonder how many vertical feet you climbed while on the treadmill and tired of using online calculators? 
Curious how steep that outdoor climb was that you just completed so you can replicate it on the treadmill?
Want to quickly determine your estimated finish time for typical race distances based on your pace?
Need to translate your pace into other units of measurement?

GoingVertical was developed to provide the easiest way to calculate and save specific training data without requiring online calculators.

Previously these required a data connection in order to use online calculators which were not designed for fitness. Now they can be easily completed locally on your device.

Do you use the Health App?
Your activity can be saved there as well or maybe you simply want to export historic activities to CSV so you can keep track of them.

App Features:
* Elevation Calculator: Easily calculate the elevation gain completed on the treadmill or the average incline percent of an outdoor climb
* Pace Calculator: Provides quick calculation of minutes per mile/kilometer from selected time and distance
* Pace Conversion: Provides quick conversion between MPH/KPH and the correlating minutes per mile/kilometer
* Distance Conversion Calculator: Provides easy conversion between metric and imperial distances
* Switch between Metric and Imperial measurement
* Health App integration (Activities will be saved as "Running & Walking Distance" as well as "Flights Climbed")
* Historic Data: Shows previous activities calculated
* Activity Exporting: Activities can be exported to CSV
* Swipe-To-Delete individual activities
* Activity filtering in the historic activity view
* Dark mode compatible

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